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Natural Healthcare
You receive safe and natural solutions to health & wellness and personalized Action Plan to take charge of your health. 

~Barbara E. Austin, ND, Doctor of Naturopathy 

Nothing said, done, performed, typed, printed, or produced by anyone associated with Natural Choices LLC DBA Natural Choices Health Center is intended or meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat a disease, or to take the place of a licensed physician. Nor do we make any claims that suggestions given will cure or prevent any condition. Furthermore, we do not claim that any supplemental material suggested or given will cure any condition.
Natural Choices Health Center is a natural healthcare practice headed by Dr. of Naturopathy Barbara E. Austin. You will learn ways that you can heal yourself safely and naturally.  Of particular interest are women with cycling issues, peri-menopausal and menopausal challenges, as well as parents of children with auto-immune diseases and/ or ADHD, etc. 

Key benefits and services:  Naturopathic, holistic, natural health, Dr. of Naturopathy on staff, saliva hormone panels, supplement recommendations, confidential health consultation, stress management, weight management, nutrition education, digestive disorders, healthy menu planning, detoxification and cleansing, chronic pain management, homeopathic, and individualized action plans tailored to your specific needs.

Dr. Barbara E. Austin, ND
   Doctor of Naturopathy